From Asia Ascendant,
          the unpublished sourcebook for Trinity
          (White Wolf Games)

Prepared by Field Operations Leader Pei Ying Chih for Pan Afu, Sub-minister of the Ministry of Psionic Affairs

The field department has recorded a substantially increased number of anomalous activities in the second half of 2122. In addition to the unusual telepathic interference currently being studied by the noetic research division, there has been an 8% rise in aberrant activity; more importantly, the nature of some of the aberrant encounters has changed. Aberrants that are both far less and far more human than the norm have been reported.

Our research also indicates that these phenomena are increasing in frequency and I believe we must work to understand them as rapidly as possible. At this time we have no answers as to the nature of these new phenomena, but something new and unusual is occurring and I believe that all of these unusual phenomena are related and should be investigated together. However, it is important to remember that not all of these anomalies are harmful or negative. We now have a documented case of an active protopsion as well as contact with another individual that currently remains inexplicable, but who may possess an entirely new variety of psionic power. Perhaps by understanding these various new phenomena we can make significant breakthroughs in the study and use of psionics.

The following are a list of some of the most unusual cases related to these anomalies that we have so far encountered.

Southeast Asia

Shan State: SE Asian field teams report an 11% increase in prohibited activity in Southeast Asia since August. The rate of aberrant eruptions has risen significantly, and technological White Codes are more common. Recently there have been several extremely disturbing incidents in Burma’s Shan State.

In October, our department initiated a raid on a secret Samphan-Tzu clinic after intelligence indicated they were performing experiments with aberrant tissue. The initial plan was for a standard infiltration-and-destroy mission using telepathic impersonators. This failed utterly when their chief of security immediately saw through our agents’ telepathic disguises. She also proved to be completely resistant to mental attack, as well as extraordinarily physically capable.

Agent Rebecca Wu was severely injured during the subsequent fight. To avoid death or capture, the remaining agents initiated a controlled retreat followed by an emergency pick-up. The operation was a complete failure, and when they returned the next day with a larger, heavily armed strike team the clinic was deserted. Fortunately, the leaders of the Samphan-Tzu Triad seem to have understood the reason for the raid. All taint-related research materials were still there, along with the body of what our clairsentient indicates was the researcher who was performing this work.

The clairsentient also indicated that there was no taint or quantum signature associated with the security head, nor was she a psion. Analysis of hair and skin samples recovered from a sweep of the compound confirms that she is not an aberrant, but indicates that she possesses an unusual genetic structure. We may be seeing the first of a new breed of genetically engineered supermen, or may have stumbled onto something else entirely. Efforts continue to track down the new location of this clinic. The recent psionic interference is the most likely partly responsible for our current lack of success.

Greater Siam: The next incident is even more disturbing in its implications. Acting on an alert about strong active taint signatures, a heavily armed strike team entered northern Siam on November 22. Tracking down the source was relatively easy. At first it seemed like a small aberrant cult. There were a dozen people living in a village with one of the most deformed aberrants yet reported. If there hadn’t been a very large taint signature, the team leader reported he would have assumed that the creature was an extraterrestrial. Now completely devoid of humanoid form, this creature’s body consisted of a large, wide fleshy cone, 1.5 meters high, topped by a trio of thick, flexible stalks. Two of these stalks were complex branching arms, the other ended in an oval head with four large eyes and an array of other complex sensors. While it was not sessile, it could not move rapidly except when using its potent gravitic powers to fly. One of the team members attempted to telepathically subdue the humans, while the others attacked the aberrant.

The aberrant was immune to telepathic attack, but was unable to fully deflect conventional attacks. However, at this point one of the apparent humans surrounded himself with a shimmering nimbus of unknown power and began attacking the team. He generated some form of spatial shock wave that rendered most of the team unconscious, then opened a warp and departed along with the other aberrant. The humans fled into the jungle, but the two conscious agents managed to capture one. Memory probes indicated that the two aberrants had arrived almost a week ago, and were intimidating and paying the villagers into helping them search for the entrance to some type of cave. Since neither being appeared to be a typical aberrant, the villagers assumed they were both some type of gods or demons. An examination of the taint signatures around the village indicate the both creatures were clearly aberrants, but that the human-looking one had an abnormally low taint signature, especially considering its obvious level of power. Investigators are still searching for the cave these aberrants were seeking.

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