From Castebook: Dawn,
          a sourcebook for Exalted
          (White Wolf Games)

Grandmother Bright to Demetheus

Dearie, Iíll tell you one for free, though you already know it. Your power is old, almost as old as me, but youíll never age another day. If you wanted knowledge or even treasure, I could find tasks that fitted you. I still can, for there is much a big strong man like you can do. For the right service, I could tell you where to find a belt that would make you as strong as a yeddim or a perfect diamond as big as your fist. Bring me the left eye of the Perfect of Paragon and Iíll give you the secret for making your truest love ageless and eternal so long as she continues to love you. I can do that for you and far more, but I cannot do what you want. You cannot live among my people. This is a nice neighborhood.

It is true that some of my residents lead exciting lives when they are in the outside world. However, they make certain never to bring any of that home with them. You could not help but do so. War and death follow you like loyal hounds. If you live here, devastation will come to my neighborhood, and I cannot abide that. It doesnít matter how hard you try, youíll never be able to keep yourself out of trouble for very long.

Itís difficult to say, but youíre also not very popular with some people in the city. I can keep them out, but do we really want all those big Dragon-Blooded warriors waiting just outside my boundaries, looking over everyone who enters or leaves? My residents wouldnít be able to sleep at night worrying about that sort of trouble. Iím very sorry, dearie, but I really canít let you stay here. I do appreciate your gift, itís been simply ages since I last saw a scarf of vermilion glass thread. Wherever did you get it? Make sure to come on back if you want any of the things I can offer you.

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