From Castebook: Dawn,
          a sourcebook for Exalted
          (White Wolf Games)

The Graybeard of Resplendent Water to Lyta

"Sun-born Lyta, great riches lie at the bottom of the ocean. Centuries of wealthy ships have sunken in waters we control. Pearls, jewels, gold and artifacts of ancient magic wait in these depths. Some portion of these can be yours."

"Wealth does not interest me, but perhaps it can be used for our cause. What must I do in return?"
"A small thing only, Solar one, very small for such as you. Humans have moved onto the island of Scarpfall. They are not welcome there. That isle lies at the westernmost portion of our domain, and it belongs solely to us. They arrived while we were weakened and now they number more than we can easily remove. Go there and slay them, and we will prevent others from returning. There are five hundred of them perhaps, no more."

"You want me to butcher an entire island of mortals for you? I would then be almost as bad as the Dragon-Blooded. I might order them to leave, but I will never slay them."
"Lyta, what are mortals to you? You are bound to usówe wish you to do this. If they leave, they or their offspring may return. If they die, mortals will fear this island for decades to come. We offer you great wealth. If you refuse our generous bargain, we still wish the deed done. If you will not do it, we will find another, and you will not reap the benefits. With your prior aid, we have become powerful. If necessary, we can find another to aid us. Why should it not be you? Either way, those mortals are as the dead."

"Those mortals are not your toys. The humans on the islands near Thassa are mine, to do with as I please. It would not please me to have anyone slaughter them. You shall not harm the people of that island."
"Do not tempt us to become angry, Sun-born. We are bound to keep our prior bargains with you, but there is still much we can do against you. Work with us, and we will dwell in joyous harmony with you; oppose us, suffer our wrath."

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