From The Books of 3 Circles,
        the Sorcery sourcebook for Exalted
        (White Wolf Games)

Spell Name:
Assassin's Fatal Touch
Cost: 20 motes

To perform this spell, the caster must first either touch the target of the ritual or obtain some object the target has had close contact with. Clothing, jewelry or scraps of discarded food all work for this purpose. The caster then performs a dark and terrible ritual requiring at least 15 minutes. This ritual transforms the caster into the walking nemesis of the target. The next time the caster even so much as brushes the tips of his fingers across the target or touches one lock of his hair, the target will take 5 levels of lethal damage + 1 level of damage for every success the casterís player rolls on a reflexive Intelligence + Medicine roll. Mortal targets receive no roll to resist this doom, and armor does not protect them. They fall over mysteriously incapacitated or dead two turns after the caster touches them. In all cases, this death or injury is instant and painless. No one examining the body will be able to determine the cause of death, and dying targets will not know who killed them. Targets who survive the damage produced by spell also fall unconscious for (6 - Stamina) turns two turns after being touched. The only limit on this spell is that the touch that administers it must be quite light. Attempting to combine this spell with any form of physical attack upon the target causes the spell to fail. The damage from this spell can only be delivered using a relatively light, non-hostile touch - it is a spell of assassins.

Exalted targets, Fair Folk, spirits and similar magical beings all have a far better chance of avoiding the spellís effects. The player of any such being targeted by this spell should roll a number of dice equal to his characterís perma-nent Essence. Even a single success on this roll completely negates all effects of this spell. Also, even if this roll fails, such characters may also subtract their innate lethal soak from the damage done by the spell. Unlike mortals, who lack any ties to magical forces, Exalted and similar beings who survive this spell may realize whose touch harmed them. Make a Perception + Occult roll to do so. This spell has no effect on the undead, Deathlords or Abyssal Exalted.

Casters who wish to avoid suspicion may attempt conceal the fact that they touched the target. If the casterís player succeeds at a Dexterity + Stealth roll opposed by the observerís Perception + Awareness, she can make her characterís contact with the target appear to be accidental. If she succeeds in this roll at difficulty 3, she can completely conceal the fact that she touched the target at all. This spell remains in effect until the caster has touched the target or for the next full day, whichever comes first. A sorcerer cannot be the nemesis of more than one individual at a time. If the caster performs this spell a second time before having touched her first target, the first spell is canceled, and the first target is no longer in danger from the casterís touch.

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