From Asia Ascendant,
          the unpublished sourcebook for Trinity
          (White Wolf Games)

Protective Nanoskin

Nanotechnology reinforces the subjectís skin with a complex weave of carbon nanotubes and advanced polymers. This modification gives her an armor score of [2/3, 0]. In addition, her skin becomes strong enough to resist long-term exposure to salt water, poisonous atmosphere, and even vacuum. Additional nano-surgery allows the subject to close all openings in her body as well as reinforcing the subjectís corneas to allow her to see normally in vacuum and underwater. As a result, the subject can survive in open space with only an air tank. In most cases, individuals with this modification also possess implanted rebreathers, allowing them to safely walk out an airlock on Luna without a space suit. This implant is completely invisible and undetectable unless the subject is given a detailed medical examination. Both the texture and the appearance of the userís skin are unchanged. Tech: [Hard], Cost: ••••• ••

Computer Implant

The subject has a small but powerful hardtech computer wired directly into his nervous system. This computer includes a tiny concealed port, usually located behind one of the userís ears. Plugging a phone into this port allows the user to connect with the OpNet. If a computer implant is combined with an Implant Radio or Advanced Implant Radio, he can also get on-line wirelessly. This computer has a fail-safe of 7 and a Performance of 5, and can hold up to 30 points of Abilities, none of which can exceed a skill level of four. Because this computer is connected directly to the userís brain, the user is at -1 Difficulty (minimum of 0) for all rolls involving computer use (including hacking).

In addition to its numerous other functions, this computer can tap directly into the userís senses. This feature allows the computer to record all sounds that occur while the user is asleep and to wake him up if there is evidence of an obvious threat. Also, tactical and firing acquisition programs in this computer reduce the difficulty of all missile weapons the subject fires by -1 (to a minimum of 0). Finally, the use can program the computer to take a simple set of actions like running away, evading pursuit, or firing weapons at all previously designated hostiles if the subject is rendered unconscious through drugs, Psionic attack or any form of Bashing damage. Tech: [Hard], Cost: ••••• •••

Nihonjin VARGS Osaka Class Armored Power Suit (MiniVARG)

This suit is the smallest and lightest weight of the advanced Nihonjin VARGS. It is used as both a hostile environment exploration suit and as powered armor for moderate threat urban conflict. In Nippon, both orbital construction workers and the members of police special forces units commonly wear it. This suit consists of a lightweight suit of flexible armor built around an orbital steel exoskeleton that conforms to the userís body. This exoskeleton features small superconducting motors at all major joints, to improve the userís speed and strength. Unlike most VARGS, this suit must be adjusted to fit a specific individual and can only be use by that individual or someone else who is almost the same height, weight and general build.

This suit adds three dots to the wearerís Strength, 2m/turn to her Running Speed, and 6m/Turn to her Sprinting Speed. In addition, this suit provides full life support, allowing the wearer to survive in deep space or underwater. All MiniVARGs are fitted with sensory and communications gear equivalent to Cop Goggles (Trinity Technology Manual page 90) and an Ear Radio (Trinity Technology Manual page 88), and many are also fitted with various hardtech personal weapons, sensors, and additional gear. However, they do not possess the standard VARG abilities and penalties described (Trinity Technology Manual page 55). The MiniVARG is a powered environment suit, not a true VARG. The suitís superconducting batteries allow it to operate for up to eight hours before it must be recharged. If the enhanced strength is turned off, the suitís Bulk increases by 1, but the suit can maintain sensors, communications and life support for up to 40 hours. This suit can be packed into an ordinary suitcase for easy transport. [4/4,1] Tech: [Hard], Mass 25, Cost: Restricted (available as a ••• dot Device)

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